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On-demand webinars

On-demand webinars are recorded video presentations available to our members at any time, and from any place. Topics span a variety of clinically-relevant topics that are appropriate for both sleep techs and respiratory therapists. Webinars below are tagged with their relevant audience. Free registration required.

Courses below are not eligible for CEC/CEU credits.


Right Pressure + Right Mask = Successful Treatment (1.0 CRCE hr)   respiratory
This webinar will help you identify different types of masks, and we'll describe when
and why different masks are used. View Webinar »

Important Aspects of Aerosol Therapy (1.0 CRCE hr)   respiratory
We will review aerosol characteristics of devices delivering aerosol medication to the patient’s lungs and the issues involved in aerosol delivery. View Webinar »

Asthma Management in Adult Patient (1.0 CRCE hr)   respiratory
We will review asthma, treatment drug types, delivery methods, asthma plans and the GINA standards. View Webinar »

Ambulatory Oxygen Choices for Your Patients (1.0 CRCE hr)   respiratory
Among the choices for ambulatory oxygen, there are benefits and limitations to each system available. We will look at those issues to make informed choices for your patients. View Webinar »

“Choosing the Right Oxygen System for Your Patient” (1.0 CRCE hr)   respiratory
There are various choices for both stationary and ambulatory use of oxygen. Given these choices. We’ll review how to determine the best option for your patient’s needs. View Webinar »

Monograph: “Overview of the DeVilbiss Intellipap AutoAdjust”   respiratory sleep
Autotitrating positive airway pressure (PAP) devices have been on the market for 15 years. DeVilbiss Healthcare, in an effort to illuminate and clarify primary clinical concepts surrounding Autotitrating PAP devices and the unique operation of the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP AutoAdjust, offers this document covering information on a variety of pertinent topics.
Download Document

Tracheostomy Care in the Home   respiratory
Training the caregiver and patient in proper suction technique is critical to successful suctioning. We will review airway anatomy and AARC guidelines for suctioning. We will also discuss tracheostomy history, tracheotomy procedures, patient care needs and recommendations. View Webinar »

Therapy Options for OSA    AM, SC, RSM
This course will define the various PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) modalities as well as clinical indications and uses of each. There are other treatment options for OSA and these various surgical and medical options will be reviewed. ▬ View Webinar or Take Quiz

Sleep Apnea Disease    AM, SC, RSM
Sleep Apnea Disease Overview – The learning objectives of this course are to understand the impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and how the DeVilbiss line of sleep products can provide solutions for our patients, Given the sleep terminology reviewed, improve your understanding of OSA, how it relates to all aspects of treating the OSA and be able to communicate effectively with clinicians involved in sleep medicine. ? View Webinar or Take Quiz